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picture of the week:

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"Out in the dark"
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The century of nearly infinite prosperity and unjust poverty
  May 16, 2013

While poverty unjustly persists in far, far too many places, there is a profound, almost unspeakable reality all around the developed world. Production technology coupled to low cost labor has made ph... more »

Jobs of the future
  December 29, 2012

I had an interesting conversation with a German university student recently. I was explaining how a person’s identity was so coveted by companies, in part because a person’s labor ability is less im... more »

When will it get back to normal?
  August 19, 2012

A lot of people are looking, waiting, and hoping for things to ‘get back to normal’. TV interviews and news articles focus on how we can ‘right the ship’ and stop seeing ‘below normal’ growth ev... more »

What is the cloud? Forget the cloud, welcome to the Fog
  April 25, 2012

Your life is being uploaded. A little at a time more of your life is being migrated into ‘the cloud’. Not in the conspiracy sense where big brother is following your every move. Those kinds of is... more »

Learning from Fielmann
  February 8, 2012

In the end I opted to take a loss on Fielmann as a learning experience. After sagging 3% in November (which I discussed here) the stock slowly gained back its lost value as expected. As 2012 opened an... more »

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